Envy Assured - Reverence (In memory of Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan)

"I Always had my best friends and I could always rely on them, they became like my family and you know. two of 'em, This isn't reasonally were my best friends. but, two of them Shadows and Synyster were my best friends since I was in 6th grade we are just family and we rely on each other you know. I was on probation, getting expelled for high schools and being an outcast. I will always have my family and friends there for me. It’s lucky to have, not everyone has that. You become a different person every 2 years of your life, you’re a little bit different person you know. No matter who you are and so we just roll with that."

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There's so much say but I

I don't know where to begin
After hearing the news
you're no longer here
it's been a struggle for those who know you to get by
I guess it wasn't to be
Words can't express the way you've inspired me
I've been searching for answers
it isn't where you belong

Reverence for you will always remain

We'll look to you in hope to find our own way
and how I wish you were alive
Lord I would be fine

I came to find

that there's no remission of sin
I do my best to move on
but I'm tearing within
Now I feel it burning inside
It cuts to the quick like a knife
Since your death I've learned a few things
I have to live my life

It's been so hard

Hard to let you go
Cos what you have left
We will never know

Talking Interlude:

Now we look back a year since this tragic day took place

And as we do we realise just how much you meant
We realise the thin line between life and death
What you left behind wasn't just a memory of a life
It was a fucking legacy
Now we all learn the hard way that there is no replacing you
We learn that just a spoonful may not have been enough for the world

People are moving on now but I don't give a fuck

I'll always remember stallion duck
Your life was cut short
Left me and others distraught
But I know you're up there kicking arse
Drinking a cold Guinness from a glass and raising hell in heaven
So from the world and I Jimmy
Thank you

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